Newly Diagnosed

If you are newly diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, chances are you have just been through a lengthy diagnosis process.  You are probably also experiencing a range of emotions that could include sadness, frustration, guilt and/or relief. Know that it is natural to feel these emotions and that you are not alone. There are over 100,000 people living with Parkinson’s Disease in Southern California and, nationally, it’s estimated there are one million people with Parkinson’s.


It’s important to know that there are few things you need to take care of right now. Parkinson’s is a slowly progressive illness, so you have time to get educated and chart your course.


The Parkinson’s Association can help you, your family, your co-workers and friends as you embark on this journey.  Please call or email to inquire about our Good Start Program and Starter Packets*.


Try not to take in too much information at once, although it may be tempting. Try to learn something new about Parkinson’s each week, but allow yourself time away from the Internet, books and brochures.  While Parkinson’s may be at the forefront of your mind right now, remember you are still much more than just a person with Parkinson’s. Remember to enjoy each day and all of life’s gifts; Parkinson’s Disease is just one aspect of your life.



*We will be happy to mail these packets anywhere in the United States for FREE.  Families who live apart from each other often find this helpful because they can read and discuss the same information.