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Food will continue to play an important role in your health and nutrition, so there’s no time like the present to adopt a healthful way of life.  While food can positively impact your life, it is also important to know that food can change how your medications work.

What’s the best diet for Parkinson’s patients?   As with all diets, it depends who you ask.  The American Parkinson’s Disease Association (APDA) recommends sticking close to Dr. Weil’s nutritional guidance.  Dr. Weil, a renowned doctor whose specialty is natural health and wellness, recommends eating an anti-inflammatory diet which includes:

  •     Eating fresh, minimally process foods
  •     Favoring vegetable protein over animal protein
  •     Avoiding processed or fast foods
  •     Eating lots of colorful fruits and vegetables

Some Nutritional Powerhouses:

  •     Walnuts
  •     Wild salmon
  •     Sardines
  •     Beans or legumes
  •     Berries

Be aware that snacks or meals that have protein in them may affect how well your body absorbs your medications.  You may find it helpful to document when you eat meals with protein, when you take your medication and what your symptoms are like so you can determine if protein affects you. The same can hold true for high-fat meals as fat can slow the absorption of medication.

If protein does affect you, talk with your doctor about how to modify your meal or medication schedule.  Some people find that taking their medication 30 minutes before meal time can help; others find they need even more time.  The same can hold true for high-fat meals as fat can slow the absorption of medication.