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Assistive Techonology

Here you will find links to local Assistive Technology and Computer Learning Resources, as well as links to reviews of many new, innovative hands-free software applications and products for Windows and Macintosh users that make using a computer much easier for people with limited motor skills or hearing and sight disabilities.

Medication Reminder Watches and Devices

12 Alarm CADEX Medication Watch

Never Forget to take your Medications Again! The Cadex Medication Reminder Watch is easy to program, easy to use, and easy to read with large text display.

Program up to 12 medication reminders (sound alarm + optional text alarm, no vibration) including reminder text message (name and strength of medication or other prompts). Message scrolls across the display. Settings are done on the watch (excellent easy to understand manual).

Available at for $69.95 (Suggested Retail: $139.95). See other medication reminder watches at and at

TabTimer – Helping to Keep People on Time

Tab Timer supplies medication reminder devices: Pill Reminder, Pill Dispenser, Pill Timer, Vibrating Watches, and Vibrating Clocks (Bed Shakers) to help keep medications on time at tab time.  TabTimer products can be used as reminders for taking regular medications or vitamins at tab time, as well as a reminder for any regular task.  Tab Timer reminders are particularly useful for people on strict medication schedules for use as a pill timer or pill reminder.  Form more information please visit

Technology Resources

San Diego Assistive Technology Center

The San Diego Assistive Technology Center (SDATC) offers many opportunities for increasing your knowledge about assistive technology solutions through the hands-on exploration of a wide array of adapted computer hardware, software, environmental control access, and AAC devices.

Assistive Technology for Computers and Printed Material

This site provides links to articles and assistive technology resources for people with disabilities.

Microsoft Computer Accessibility Resources

Microsoft Accessibility Technology for Everyone

Accessibility Tutorials for Microsoft Products

Accessibility Today

California Microsoft California Accessibility Resource Centers

Nationwide Microsoft Accessibility Resource Centers

Profiles of Accessibility in Action

Computer Learning Resources in San Diego, CA

Learn Basic Computer Skills

Assistive Technology Products

Keyboards and On-Screen Keyboards

On-Screen Virtual Keyboard

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a computer keyboard that you could customize to your liking? You could make the keys any size or color. They could have pictures on them. They could do anything you choose, like type a certain character, even a whole word or series of commands. Virtual keyboards can have several pages with each having a unique layout and function.

Click-N-Type Virtual Keyboard

A free Windows and DOS application that displays a virtual on-screen keyboard for people who cannot type using a physical keyboard.

Q-Pointer Keyboard

Use your keyboard as a pointing device to perform computer operations without taking your hands off the keyboard.


Built-in optical overlay-detection, allows the keyboard to detect which overlay is placed on top of the keyboard. Overlays can be changed without commands to the computer thus allowing users to handle a large range of overlays independently.

Key Strokes for Mac

A virtual on-screen keyboard that allows you to type using a mouse, trackball, head pointer, or other mouse emulator to type characters into Macintosh applications.

Big Keys

Offer keys that are 4 times larger than a typical keyboard and works with both Windows and Macintosh computer.

Magic Wand Keyboard

Windows or Macintosh keyboard with built-in mouse that allows people with disabilities easy access to the Internet, email, and computer programs with a hand-held wand or mouth-stick.

Computer Mouse and Trackballs

Logitech Marble Mouse

Where trembling is the main problem, finding the right mouse offers the best chance of improving mouse control. Trackball mice are inexpensive and readily available at most major computer stores and through online distributors. It is recommended that you go into a computer store and try out different trackball mice to be sure you find one that meets your needs.

Steady Mouse

SteadyMouse is free software designed to assist people with hand tremors commonly associated with Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders.

Dwell Clicker

A free utility for people who can move a mouse but have difficulty clicking the mouse buttons.


Data entry interface driven by a mouse, stylus, or eye-tracker.

Smart Nav

A hands-free mouse for people with carpal tunnel, RSI, and other disabilities allowing you to control your computer by simple head movements.

Assistive Mouse Adapter

Filtering unintentional movements caused by hand tremor, this device allows for much smoother movement of the cursor for improved accuracy of mouse operation.

HeadMouse Extreme

The new HeadMouse Extreme connects to the computer or augmentative communication device through a USB port and operates using standard mouse drivers. Both the HeadMouse Extreme and the HeadMouse for Portables provide easy access to the Vanguard II, Vantage, Pathfinder, and SpringBoard for people with limited or no use of their hands. HeadMouse is a wireless optical tracking system that includes an Optical Sensor and an interface unit. The sensor uses infrared light to track a small reflective dot that is placed on the user’s forehead or glasses. When the HeadMouse user moves their head, the mouse pointer on the screen will move proportionally.

Smart-Nav AT Package

A hands-free cursor control system for people with ALS, spinal cord injuries, and other disabilities.

Head Mouse

Wireless head-pointing device for Macintosh and Windows includes a “sip-and-puff” switch.

Natural Point Head-Tracking Mouse

A hands-free mouse alternative that connects to your computer through a USB port allowing precise cursor control through simple head movements.

Speech Recognition Software

Dragon Naturally Speaking

Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the world’s best-selling speech recognition software, gives you everything you need to be more efficient with your PC.

Jobs Access with Speech (JAWS) for Windows

For Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista, this popular screen-reader can pronounce American English, Brazilian Portuguese, British English, Castilian Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Finnish, French, German, and Italian.

Window Eyes Professional

A widely-used screen-reader for Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista that supports speech synthesizers and over Braille displays.


Apple Assistive Technologies

Includes a variety of accessibility features that allows those with vision, hearing and motor skills disabilities to more easily use their Macintosh computer.



A text-to-speech file for making books on CD on Macintosh computers by translating text files into audio files that can then be converted to mp3′s.

EmacSpeak Complete Audio Desktop

A free, text-based UNIX system which works with Emacs that can speak the information on visual screen displays.

e-Speaking Voice and Speech Recognition

Enables you to control your computer, dictate e-mails and letters, and have your computer read documents back to you.


With speech to iPod-ready iTunes tracks and quick voice access, Proloquo offers a multi-lingual speech and communication system for Mac OS X users who cannot speak.

SpeakUp for Linux Operating System

Provides access to all console programs for Lynx, Pine, and Gnu/Linux operating systems.

Light Writer

A text-to-speech communication aid for people with speech impairments offering a dual display option, choice of keyboard layouts, and languages.

Kurzweil 1000

A system for scanning books and other printed materials into a computer and then speaks it aloud through a voice synthesizer.

Cicero Text Reader

This device turns a computer or scanner into a reading machine for people with visual impairments. Documents placed on the scanner can be translated into speech or Braille.

Open Book

Allows books and text embedded in graphics to be spoken back through a voice synthesizer, including the ability to create MP3 and WAV file as well .brf and .brl Grade 2 Braille formats.

Telesensory Ovation

Scans and translates text from books and other printed matter into speech.


This document reader includes a DEC talk Voice, an OCR reader, a flat bed scanner, a computer, and a screen reader.

Voice Amplification

ChatterVox includes a rechargeable amplifier, speaker and headset, and can boost your voice volume by as much as 18 decibels. Click on ChatterVox for more information.

Web Browsers and Magnification

EIA Web Browser

A specialized Web browser, suitable for touch-screen systems, with fully integrated Web awareness, assessment, and training modules.

The Magnifier

Offers 2x to 10x screen magnifier amplification for Windows 3.x, 95, 98, NT, Windows 2000, and Vista that can be positioned anywhere on your computer screen.

Zoom Text

Level 1 provides 2x to 16x magnification, Level 2 provides synchronized magnification and screen reading. Works with Windows Vista, XP, ME, 2000, NT4, 98, 95, and DOS.

SARA Scanning & Reading Appliance

Scan reading materials and have them read back to you as continuous read, line-by-line, word-by-word, or letter-by-letter. Includes 29 voices in 19 language dialects and 12 major languages.